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Call 2Haul replaces Neighborhood Cleanup program

May 09, 2018 15h34 ● By Spencer Belnap

As part of the new Call 2 Haul program, up to four tires can be taken away. (Pixabay)

By Spencer W. Belnap | [email protected]

Sugar House and other Salt Lake City residents who used the Neighborhood Cleanup program to declutter and recycle various bulk materials, should enjoy the newly announced Call 2 Haul program even more. This will replace the Neighborhood Cleanup and offers more to the city on an ongoing, year-round basis.

A survey was done last year to determine what residents like and dislike about the Neighborhood Cleanup and what they’d like to see change. The idea of a more robust and eco-friendly Call 2 Haul program was the winner. With this program, residents can schedule pickups directly any time of the year. The common bulky items such as yard waste and old furniture will still be able to be picked up. They will also take away and recycle any electronic or e-waste now, as well as up to four tires.

“We wanted to offer more flexibility and limit frustrations on timing,” Sophia Nicholas, communications manager for Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Department, said. “Better environmental stewardship is also a key to the Call 2 Haul program.”

The Neighborhood Cleanup program had been in existence for 25 years, and grew to be quite popular. It had started causing problems with Salt Lake City storm water when chemicals or hazardous materials such as paint and household waste would enter it, and affecting local rivers and streams. Storm water is any runoff that finds its way down a conventional gutter or storm drain. Unlike household water, storm water is not treated. “Illegal dumping was also a factor that started to cause issues particularly on the west side of the city,” Nicholas said. Call 2 Haul aims to alleviate the storm water issues, and still offer great collection service.

Sugar House residents should note the Call 2 Haul program will begin July 1. People can begin signing up for pickups on June 18 by calling 801-535-6999 during normal weekday business hours.

Eventually an online form will also be available at Residents will simply be asked, “What sort of materials do you have for pickup, and how much do you have?” Several weekly windows of possible pickup times will be offered, and you can confirm which one works best for you over the phone. A confirmation email will come from the City, and residents have to place their waste on their curb no more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled day. They will compost, recycle, dispose of, or donate it all. It’s meant to be a convenient way for citizens to help do their part, and sustainably dispose of any unwanted bulk materials.

“Call 2 Haul should achieve goals a traditional dumpster collection program couldn’t,” Nicholas said. “It’ll keep loose materials off the street, and hopefully lead the way for other cities and areas to offer similar programs.”