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A new way to sell a car at Gauge

Mar 28, 2022 16h39 ● By Peri Kinder

If you’re looking to sell your car, you shouldn’t have to choose between convenience and price. At Gauge, the easy selling process offers customers top-dollar for their vehicle without the frustration of negotiating with used car dealerships or private buyers.

Josh Hirahara, Gauge CEO and founder, says the unique sales process is catching on as sellers find it to be easier than doing it themselves. 

“We’re buying 150 cars per month,” Josh says. “It’s definitely growing and there’s more room to grow. At the end of the day, we’re trying to get the best price for the car.”

The process is simple. Call Gauge at 385-330-8991 to set up a time to meet with a qualified vehicle scout. At the appointment, an inspector will get information about the vehicle, do a 15-minute inspection and take it for a test drive. 

The vehicle is then posted on the Gauge network and buyers compete, or bid, for the right to purchase. Until your vehicle is purchased, you have complete possession and don’t turn the car over to Gauge until there’s a sale. The company purchases the vehicle directly from the customer, guaranteeing a smooth transaction. 

This eliminates the old way of selling used cars that involves strangers coming to your home and having to work through financing. 

“We’re the only business out there that’s not incentivized to buy low,” Josh says. “Our incentives are aligned with the sellers. We try to be really transparent and give the people a lot of information.”

Growth for Gauge has happened quickly. It’s been almost two years and the company is already expanding. There are now three locations, two in Salt Lake and one in Tempe, Arizona. With more than 200 five-star Google reviews, the Gauge model seems to resonate with customers as a safe, efficient, and fast way to sell a car. 

“We weren’t sure what growth would look like,” Josh says. “We had experience in buying cars but it’s been very adaptive. This is a very low commitment on the seller’s part. It’s all about the little things that give sellers a lot of confidence.”

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