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Sugar House Journal

Sugar House Art Walk provides unique cultural experience for community

Jul 27, 2021 11h39 ● By Anagha Rao

Mosaic pottery display. (Anagha Rao/City Journals) 

By Anagha Rao | [email protected]

The 13th season of the Sugar House Art Walk kicked off on the evening of July 9. It featured exhibitions from local businesses such as Local Colors, Central Book Exchange, and Boxing is for Girls. The Sugar House Art Walk is one of Sugar House’s signature events, and due to COVID-19, this event was unable to be held last year. 

The Sugar House Art Walk (formerly known as the Sugar House Art Stroll) was founded in 2008 by Amy McDonald on behalf of the Brolly Arts organization. This event aimed to bring together artists from diverse backgrounds and immerse the Sugar House community in a night of culture. 

Laurie Jan Bray, the founder of the modern Sugar House Art Walk, said, “The purpose of the Sugar House Art Walk is to bring art into local businesses throughout Sugar House and give people the opportunity to engage with their community while having a fun, cultural experience.” 

This event also included live music by students from the Salt Lake Academy of Music on Monument Plaza. The Salt Lake Academy of Music is a local music school in Sugar House. Its audition-only band regularly performs at local community events. 

The Art Walk features a variety of art and artists including these participating businesses: 

Local Colors: Local Colors is a local fine arts gallery that regularly features many different artists across all mediums. For this Art Walk, Local Colors featured pottery by local artist Neena Plant. Plant’s artwork consists of not only traditional pottery but also creative jewelry and sculptural pieces. 

Central Book Exchange: The Central Book Exchange is located on 2017 S. 1100 East. Artist Tamia Wandle showcased her handmade linocut art she created using printism. Her collection of artwork includes her Father’s Day cards and engravings of natural scenery, including national parks and different types of animals. 

Village Vintage: Village Vintage is a local home goods shop that sells landscape art, figures and vintage art pieces. Many pieces on display for the Art Walk were donated by the King’s Gallery, and the art pieces were made by a mix of local artists living in Salt Lake Valley.  

Awakening Heart: Awakening Heart is a bookstore that does psychic and astrology readings, reiki energy healing and sells gifts such as Himalayan salt lamps, crystals and books. This business will be showing artwork with wooden carvings of mandalas on wooden books, coasters and greeting cards. 

Lillie Bee Emporium: Lillie Bee Emporium is a shop that sells gifts such as candles and artwork as well as tea and teaware. For the Art Walk, Lillie Bee offers pottery decorated with mosaic patterns. Every pot has different tile shapes that work together to create a colorful pattern. 

Commence and Craft: Commence and Craft is a local art shop in Sugar House that sells a variety of artwork, including paintings, prints, glass, jewelry and other mediums of artwork. This gift shop features Handcrafted Radiance natural and organic creams and lotions. This business is founded and owned by Rebecca Lafferty. In these creams, there are no ingredients that can’t be pronounced, and these are especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin. 

Tea Zaanti: Tea Zaanti is a teahouse that focuses on fine tea and community. In this tea house, artist Essie Shaw has unique art that seeks to empower black voices in the community. Shaw’s art is loud, unrefined, and is a way for her to express herself and represent others like herself. 

Cameron Wellness Center: The Cameron Wellness Center is a naturopathic medical clinic that focuses on holistic wellness. The artist Elizabeth Walsh is showcasing her detailed dot paintings of deserts, mountains and natural scenery that can be bought as greeting cards, paintings or prints. Walsh also has artwork made from crystals and stones, including birthstone rings for every month. 

The next Sugar House Art Walk will be held Aug. 13 from 4-10 p.m., which will be the biggest event of the year. The art walk will feature live music, interactive community experiences with Joy Mob, and art displays by local businesses. 

In addition, the August Art Walk will be the official unveiling of the two new murals sponsored by the Sugar House Mural Project. One mural of two peacocks will be displayed on the side of Cameron Wellness Spa, and it is painted by Chris Peterson.  

There are also many small murals throughout Sugar House. The Art Walk will provide free mural maps of all the hidden murals in Sugar House, including the one in Boxing is for Girls and The SugarHouse Barbeque Company.