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Sprague Library shows off remodel during reopening

Jul 06, 2021 15h56 ● By Justin Adams

Sprague Library’s new Creative Lab features board games, a manual typewriter, and a 3D printer. (Anagha Rao/City Journals)

By Anagha Rao | [email protected]

On May 11, the Sprague Library fully reopened after being partially closed since 2017 due to the flooding. Now, the remodeled library has been modernized to become a 21st-century library with books, games and activities to have fun this summer. 

On July 26, 2017, a flash storm flooded the Sprague Library and its basement was filled with more than 5 ½ feet of water. “They are calling it a 200 year storm,” said Bob, a librarian from the Sprague Library. The damage was devastating, and more than 1,000 books ended up being ruined because of the storm. The estimated cost of the damage was around $1.5 to $2 million dollars. 

After assessing the damage, the library hosted town halls, community council meetings, and public forums to allow the public to contribute to the renovated Sprague Library. After surveying the public, the data showed that most people wanted the library to be a place to read a good book and be creative and play. 

The remodeled Sprague Library includes a Creative Lab on the first floor similar to the ones in Marmalade and Glendale branches. The Creative Lab at the Sprague branch is an incredible area for people of all ages to play, create and have fun by doing hands-on activities. Bob said, “The Maker Space is one of the most popular areas at our other branches.” 

This space includes many art and craft supplies including a sewing machine, a 3D printer where patrons can customize their creations, a Cricut machine to cut vinyl, paper and cardstock, a heat press for people to print their designs onto T-shirts or other fabric. For people interested in music or other digital arts, the Creative Lab has podcasting software, editing software, and photographic equipment for filming or making videos. 

Another unique component of the Sprague Library is the Business Incubator. The Sprague Library now has four new meeting rooms that can be used for studying, working or having a club activity. Each meeting room contains a large TV for presentations, several seats and a charging station. Also, the Business Incubator contains a larger meeting room with a retractable glass wall. 

This library’s new design is more spacious due to the increased peripheral shelving. The Children’s Room is equipped with more lighting, and the books in the Children’s Room face outward to help children pick books that suit their interests. Near the Creative Lab, there is an Everbright light wall that allows kids to make pictures out of the lights on the wall. 

Sprague Library is planning on hosting more programs in the Creative Lab to encourage people to discover their creative outlets. This library also hopes to resume regular in-person programs such as book club, fitness classes and other events. Currently, the Sprague Library is hosting the Super Summer Challenge to encourage kids, teens and adults to have read this summer. Visit for more information.