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Fun happenings still exist even with restrictions

Feb 03, 2021 11h54 ● By Drew Crawford

By Drew Crawford | [email protected]

Life has changed in notable ways during COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t have fun. Whether you are tucked away in the comfort of your home or are enjoying time outdoors maintaining social distance for the well-being of others, there are plenty of events to keep you and your loved ones entertained and plugged in to what is going on in the community. 

In reality, there are so many options for upcoming entertainment that they can’t all be included in this article, but the City Journals sorted through events online and picked out a couple of the top ones that you can plan ahead for. 

United Way Building Equitable Communities Speaker Series

Who: United Way is holding a speaker series throughout the year where you can put your critical thinking skills to the test, and explore potential solutions to challenging systems of exclusion, marginalization and oppression.

Details on how to attend: The first event in the series with speaker Jim Shelton, will be held in a virtual format, and is free for the public to attend. The event will be held on March 11 on United Way’s website.

Noteworthy about the event: Jim Shelton has worked in both the private sector and public sector and has focused his work on how to identify and develop solutions for families living in poverty. Attendees will be challenged to think outside of traditional models of problem solving to think about how they can help create opportunity for others surrounding them.

Yoga and Beer at The Gateway

Who: Salt Lake Power Yoga is instructing the event, and the beer is provided by Wasatch Brewery and Squatters.

Details on how to attend: Participants have to agree to social distancing rules, bring their own yoga mat, and wear a mask that can be taken off while exercising. Tickets are sold online every Monday at The event is free but you have to preregister on Monday. The event is held every Wednesday from Jan. 20-April 14.

Noteworthy about the event: The event is for all skill and fitness levels, so you don’t have to worry about looking like an idiot if all you know is downward dog pose. Squatters and Wasatch beer are $5, so it’s a fun excuse to have a drink with some friends while getting to be outdoors and laugh at yourself and with others as you practice traditional yoga and some featured “drinking poses.”

Bryce Canyon Winter Festival

Who: Ruby’s Inn and Utah’s Bryce Canyon Country are hosting the event which will be held from Feb. 13-15 on President’s Day weekend.

Details on how to attend: The website is slightly confusing to navigate, but you can call (435) 834-5341 to request more information on attending. If you plan on just going for a day, you can drive down to the canyon, participate in some of the activities, and hike through the national park. If you plan on making a weekend trip out of the event, there are local hotels in the area that you can stay in. 

Noteworthy about the event: This is perfect for a local weekend getaway with your family in the times of COVID-19. Sure, the drive all the way down at Bryce Canyon National Park is long, but it also offers the perfect excuse to attend the event one day and visit the national park with your family on another. The event is free and offers so much for your family and kids to do. There is pottery making, dance instruction, a photo contest, cookie decorating, crafts and painting, among many other things. This could be a much-needed reprieve for families that are feeling cooped up and tired of the same routine at home. 

Socially Distanced Concerts at The Depot

Who: Live performances by bands like Moonshine Bandits, Die Antwoord, Watsky, Orville Peck, Milky Chance, They Might be Giants, and Silverstein

Details: You have to buy your tickets at Tickets range in price, but most are a reasonable for a night out and are not more expensive than $35. If you attend, you have to wear a mask and be socially distanced. You can’t bring any handbags or backpacks, as the venue is enforcing a new plastic bag policy that can be found on their website. 

Noteworthy about the event: Concert goers eager to get their fix, and those just looking for a fun night out can finally attend live in-person concerts that aren’t virtual. The venue is hosting a variety of bands across different genres, so there is something for everyone who wants to enjoy Salt Lake City’s music scene and smaller artists. Milky Chance and Silverstein are famous nationally recognized bands that are making a stop at the venue later on in the year for inexpensive prices. If you’re willing to keep your distance and stay safe, you can be rewarded with some incredible music that you have been craving.