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VOTE: Which pop-culture character would survive self-isolation the longest?

Mar 23, 2020 13h02 ● By Justin Adams
By Justin Adams | [email protected]

As I've started to go a little stir-crazy after staying inside my apartment for the last week. I've turned to pop-culture figures for inspiration. Like Elsa, choosing to leave her community behind for their own protection. Or Superman and his Fortress of Isolation. Or the Beast, who screams "GET OUT!" at anyone who might interrupt his social exile.

This got me thinking, which of these characters would last the longest if they went head-to-head in a self-isolation contest? I think I know who I would take, but I'm curious what other people think. Vote for who you think would be the last one standing. 
Who would last the longest in self-isolation?
Matt Damon in The Martian
Tom Hanks in Cast Away
Fat Thor
James Franco in 127 Hours
The Beast
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