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Zions Bank brings a cash crash course to Highland High School

Jan 15, 2020 12h50 ● By Jerilyn Toro

Zions Bank gave Highland High drivers ed students a cash crash course teaching them how to survive when going to a car dealership. (Photos courtesy Zions Bank)

By Jerilyn Toro | [email protected]

Your drivers ed teacher may have taught you how to navigate Utah roads, but did they teach you how to survive when you go to a car dealership? Well, on Nov. 22, the drivers ed students at Highland High School were given a crash course on just that. 

Utah Governor Gary Herbert declared that November is, “Get Smart About Credit Month in Utah.” Rob Brough, the executive vice president of marketing and communications at Zions Bank and Heidi Prokop, senior vice president and communications manager at Zions Bank, held a crash course on what the best financial options are to get around as a new driver, and the best tips on what to look for when making a decision to get around town. 

In this expensive world, students are left with the question of how to get around town. Highland students learned what the financial difference is when deciding to use a ride share option such as Lyft or Uber versus purchasing a new or used car. The course took students into the world of how to establish credit. 

To help students, Zions Bank offers different financial calculators on their website. One feature is a car loan calculator. 

This calculator will tally the amount of your trade in, include sales taxes, amount left owing on trades, and the amount of terms of your lease or loan. But even though these services are available, the students learned how to calculate their monthly cost without the use of a car loan calculator. Calculator options are on their website at

Brough suggested to students some important questions when making a decision on how to get around town that are not part of Zions Bank’s financial calculator. He said to consider these questions: How long am I going to use this car? What buying options gives you a better return? How much will it cost to repair the car? What is the better deal? 

Each student received a credit report to understand what a credit score is and how it can help you save money by keeping your credit report up to date. Some items discussed included what are loan officers and what are they looking for in a credit score?  Both Brough and Prokop gave the student’s suggestions on how to fix any incorrect reporting on a credit report. 

Kurt Schneider is Highland High School’s drivers ed teacher and also teaches the girls basketball team. He was impressed with the students attentiveness while learning about credit and money management wellness. Students were quick to answer the financial questions correctly and the student who answered first also was given a dollar.

Report cards will soon to be delivered to parents. For students who have worked hard at keeping up good grades, Zions Bank offers a “Pays for A’s” program. This program also gives students the chance to win a scholarship savings account. Just bring your child’s report card into your local Zions branch. 

Zions Bank has community drawings for scholarships twice a year. Learn more by visiting their website at