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Sugar House Journal

Faces and Places: February

Feb 01, 2018 02h12 ● By Natalie Mollinet

Isaac Chase Mill: Still located in Liberty Park, the Isaac Chase Mill took five years to build and stands as the oldest commercial building in Utah. The completion of the building was in 1852 by Isaac Chase who came to Utah in 1847. Chase’s daughter, Louisa, drove a team of oxen across the plains and brought the mill stones and mill irons that were put into the factory to help manufacture flour. In 1854, Brigham Young partnered with Chase and bought the mill, which was a good move since the mill’s flour became important with a famine during the period of 1856-1857. Because of the mill, many families were able to obtain flour gratis and survived the famine. The mill continued to be used until 1880, and around 1882, the location was purchased from Young’s estate by the city to become Liberty Park. There was a drive to have the mill torn down in 1896 but thanks to the efforts of Chase’s granddaughter, the mill was saved. The mill can still be viewed at Tracy Aviary and is used for receptions and other events. 

Almon A. Covey Home: Located at 1211 South and 1229 East, the Almon A. Covey House has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1980. The home was built in 1909 and is an example of the Prairie School-style in Utah. The design came from Ware and Treganza who were among the firm’s earliest Prairie School works. The firm was responsible for training Utah’s best architects of the time. Both Covey brothers were involved with the Covey Investment Co., which was a leading business real estate firm in Salt Lake City. Almon’s brother, Hyrum, also built a similar house at 1229 East and 100 South, done by the same architects. 

What was your best or worst date? 

Paige Tanner: First date with this woman, we definitely didn’t have chemistry, but I figured I could make it through a polite dinner. When she said she wasn’t getting the dish with scallions because she didn’t like seafood, it might sound silly, but that was the final blow. 

Emily Lee: Oh, I have a slew of stories to tell! Worst date? Well, one of them… Guy faked a phone call 20 minutes in and left me at the spot we met, at a park. 

Dan Jessop: Cute little Vicky revenge dated me when my former girlfriend stole her boyfriend. Didn’t figure it out soon enough. Gosh, I thought she liked “me.”