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Updates on Shopko block

Jun 22, 2017 16h31 ● By Natalie Mollinet

The project includes small retail spaces at the street level of the residential building. The balconies of the residential units are designed to provide visual variety and interest from the street level. Historical lighting, sidewalks and landscaping are included in the design. (Westport)

By Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

There’s been a lot of talk about the changes coming to the Shopko block as well as other changes coming along the areas of 2100 South between 1700 East and 2300 East. As far as Shopko goes, Westport—the company who bought the Shopko block—took into consideration what changes the neighborhood residents, Salt Lake City officials and members of the Sugar House Council would like to see for the area. Much is still being decided but some of the ideas are being looked at.

One of the major changes to the block is better public and vehicle access. Many in Sugar House think that 1300 East as well as 1100 East are congested. Westport has looked at putting through streets in the block. A new street would be added connecting the two streets running right through the middle of the block just as cars exit I-80 onto 1300 East. Bike paths are also included that will help connect both transit and biking trails in the plans, as well as benches and landscaping.

There are currently plans for a retail entrance on the north side of the medical center as well public art displayed along walkways between offices spaces. Westwood wants to make sure that the exteriors of the buildings are visually appealing and bring out Sugar House’s uniqueness. There are plans for active window displays and space for local retail and residential buildings with outdoor seating.

Demolition on the projects is slated for June. The Sugar House Journal will write updates and frequent updates can be found on