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Farmer’s Market hopes to draw visitors with theme nights

May 31, 2017 15h40 ● By Kelly Cannon

The Sugar House Farmer’s Market will open at 5 p.m. on June 7. (Sugar House Farmer’s Market)

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]
The Sugar House Farmer’s Market is scheduled to open for a new season starting June 7. The market will be open from 5 to 7 p.m. every Wednesday until October in Fairmont Park, 1040 E. Sugarmont Drive. Representatives from the farmer’s market gave a report to the Sugar House Community Council on May 3, describing what they can expect at this season’s market.
According to Natalie McHale, the Sugar House Farmer’s Market manager, the biggest change this year are the weekly themes.
“The first week (of the month) is family night. The second week is kind of a pet social, which we thought would be kind of fun with the new dog park going in. The third week, we’re doing a wellness night so just kind of health and wellness,” McHale said. “The fourth week will be night out at the market. That’s kind of a renting a movie theater, farm to table dinners, things like that.”
McHale said the goal with having the weekly themes is to have something for everyone at the market, especially since theirs is an evening market and people plan on going to the market but then get home from work and don’t end up coming.
“If they have things they can count on, they can get really attached to that one week a month at least,” McHale said.
The farmer’s market is also seeking sponsorship opportunities, with one of their goals being to provide more education with the public and more educational opportunities with the community.
“We would love to bring in local nonprofits to have a table at the market, kind of promote their business through education, tell people what they’re doing, providing hands-on activities because that will be a draw to the market,” McHale said. “It will bring more vendors.”
The farmer’s market is also looking for any in-kind donations from local businesses, such as gift cards. The market plans on holding raffles every week on social media for anyone who visits the market.
The farmer’s market rates for a table will be $20 a week for nonprofits and $50 for any local businesses.
“That being said, if anyone offers anything that is really engaging like a fitness class or some awesome giveaways, we’re willing to negotiate those prices,” McHale said.
However, the biggest need for the market is sponsorships. McHale said they are very flexible with four different levels this year.
“We’re in negotiations with a few people right now at our top level, which is $5,000. And then it goes down from there to $2,500 and $1,000 and $500. Every level offers something different for those who visit the market and want to promote themselves at the market,” McHale said. “I don’t know if the council would be interested in that. We love working with you guys.”
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