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Sugar House Journal

Faces and Places: How did they meet?

Feb 08, 2017 16h59 ● By Natalie Mollinet

Jennifer and Dan Going on their wedding day. (Jennifer Going)

By Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

Jon and Kathy Dalton, through the point of view of Kathy: “We met in kindergarten at Oakridge Elementary school, he would call me Konan the Barbarian and I’d kick him in the shins. I always liked him, he was the boy I’d compare all the other boys to. We went to Churchill Jr. High and Skyline High School together, and since our parents were friends and we had mutual friends growing up we’d hang out a lot. We never dated in high school or college, but I wrote him while he was on his mission and when he came home he asked me to marry him.” 

Mike and Linda Barlow, through the point of view of Mike: “We both worked in the same large office of a paper bag factory in England and were both too shy to approach one another. We were only 20. Then one day Linda and her friend Doris decided to ‘decorate’ my car. They tied a bunch of old tin cans and noisemaking things to the back of my car and wrote ‘just married’ on the back of my car. That gave me the excuse to approach Linda and we started dating. We would just happen to see one another in the stairwell going from the office to the factory, we had many cuddles in the stairwell. We were married on May 9, 1970, I was 21 she was 20 in the Whitefield Ward.” 

Dan and Jennifer Going, through the point of view of Jennifer: “We were both serving missions in Hartford, Conn. in 1994 but we really didn’t care too much for each other one bit. We later served together in a small branch in upstate New York and got to know each other. We both enjoyed basketball and were fans of the Utah Jazz - Karl Malone and John Stockton were our first common ground. When I went home we corresponded by mail until he finished his mission. He proposed to me at a Jazz game and then we were married in 1996, the rest is history.” 

Emillie and Andrew Wright, through the point of view of Emillie: “Andrew worked with my brother at the church and my brother asked everyone on his team if they wanted to take his little sister on a date and Andrew volunteered. So, it was a blind date. After a long dating period, Andrew took me to The Roof restaurant and proposed over dinner. He had invited all my family and friends over to my parents’ house so I wouldn’t be texting people all night.” 

Dave and Sarah Jensen, through the point of view of Dave: “It was a few days after my mother’s funeral and I decided to get myself back to work and stop feeling bad for myself. It was my second day back at work. At the time, I worked for Sprint as a sales representative. Sarah Cloward walked in with a broken iPhone so I got her checked in and realizing the techs were swamped and seeing how she was kind of cute, I started trying to trouble shoot her phone myself. I got the phone working and handed her my business card and told her to text or call me if she was so inclined to do so. It wasn’t 15 minutes later that she came back in because her phone died again. My coworker decided to work on the phone but stalled for me because he could tell I was interested. He kept the phone warm while I chatted with her. She claims I was a wuss for not asking for her number the first time, but the second time before she left I asked her if I could have her number, which of course she gave to me. We went on a date the following week and I was bold enough to hold her hand. We made plenty of jokes about how Sprint connected people in more ways than one phone call. 

On one of our earlier dates I took her to the H-rock, which she mentioned was her favorite place we had been so when the time came to propose I had her grandma fool her into “helping” her pick up something from KSL in the neighborhood beneath the rock. When her grandma pulled up to the designated house, I called her an asked her to look to the H-rock where I was standing on top. I was inclined to propose over the phone right then and there, cause you know Sprint, but I figured I’d never live that down so I stuck with the plan and had her come meet me at the top where I proposed.”