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Sharing the season of giving at Sugar House Coffee

Dec 06, 2016 15h12 ● By Natalie Mollinet

The Zion Curtain Sisters reached out to Sugar House Coffee to help with donations for the UAF and their holiday food drive. (Natalie Mollinet/The City Journals)

By Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

In Sugar House an organization called Zion Curtain Sisters, a chapter of the worldwide organization Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, is helping out the Utah Aids Foundation (UAF) by putting together a food drive called “Home For the Holidays.” The organization has found three locations that will be accepting donations until December 16, one of which is Sugar House Coffee. 

“We have organized this food drive on behalf of the UAF food bank,” Sister Spyd’a Webb, the president of Zion Curtain Sisters, said, “We will accept human food, animal food, hygiene items, pet supplies and other items.” 

Every year the UAF gives out baskets of food to new patients who need food during the holidays. This year the UAF was unsure if they would have enough baskets because of how many new patients they have received. The Zion Curtain Sisters stepped up and reached out to Sugar House Coffee who said they would be willing to offer a place where people could drop off items both for humans and animals. 

“Anything helps,” Webb said. “Most of them have pets also, so a box of food or treats for dogs and cats can help.” 

Baskets are distributed throughout the holiday season starting on November 23rd, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. They come with a ham or turkey, sides, and treats for animals. Webb said that even if someone doesn’t have big items, that cans of food or really anything can go into the baskets. 

According to the state’s website on AIDS and HIV, as of December 2014 almost 3,000 people in Utah were diagnosed with HIV. Webb was told by the UAF that the number of new patients has increased, so the Zion Curtain Sisters came in to help. 

“We found out they had an influx of new patients and they are not sure if there is enough to give everyone a holiday basket this year,” Webb said. So the Zion Curtain Sisters asked if Sugar House Coffee would help. 

“Why would we say no?” Emily Potts, the co-owner of Sugar House Coffee, said, “We are happy to help.” 

Sugar House Coffee at 2011 South 1100 East has received some donations but feels that they could get more if people put the word out on social media. There is already a Facebook page called “Home for the Holidays” that can be found easily with a search. The two other locations where food can be dropped off in Salt Lake are The Dog Show at 1508 South and 1500 East, and Center for Spiritual Living at 332 Bugatti Ave. 

“We are also trying to help the people that donate food to support the businesses the barrels are at,” Kirk Critchlow-Speth, a member of Zion Curtain Sisters, said. 

The holidays can be a struggle for many and sometimes a good meal can make all the difference. Sugar House Coffee is happy to be a part of the donations and hopes that as the weather gets colder and the spirit of the season starts coming around, more people will come to donate. 

“It’s the right thing to do,” Potts said. “We need to spread the love in our community now more than ever. We all get so busy and forget that there are people that need something from all of us, whether it’s an ear to listen, a hug or a food to help provide a warm meal. We all need help sometimes and if by having the bin helps those in need, than I see no reason not to have that available at Sugar House Coffee.”