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Sugar House Journal

Faces and Places

Oct 31, 2016 14h51 ● By Natalie Mollinet

Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

 Sterling Furniture (1100 East 2051 South) 

Did you know that Sugar House used to be known as the Furniture Center of the West? At one point the neighborhood had 21 stores and the stores would hold an annual Home Furnishings Fashion Show. Today most of the stores are closed but one that remains is Sterling Furniture, which also happens to be Utah’s oldest furniture store. The store opened in 1941 but before that was a bank and owned by the Rockwood family who owned Granite Furniture. Today though the business of Sterling Furniture still stands and has been a Sugar House icon for years. Most long-time residents will tell you that they bought their first couch there, and even though the area around it has changed the business still stands as a reminder of old Sugar House. 

 Brickyard Plaza (1140 Brickyard Rd) 

Believe it or not, Brickyard Plaza just below 1300 East is considered part of Sugar House. When you visit the area it’s loaded with clothing stores, a gym and an office supply store, but before all that was there, there was an actual brickyard. The only thing remaining is the giant kiln chimney. John P. Cahoon was originally making his bricks in the Murray area, but as demand started to grow he needed to move. His company moved to the Brickyard Plaza area in 1891, creating the Salt Lake Pressed Brick Co. The spot was ideal because of the amount of clay deposit in the area, as well as the railroad line. The kiln chimney was built in 1902 is the only reaming part of the brickyard and is called the Smith Kiln Chimney. In 1972 the plant was shut down and dismantled, only leaving the kiln. The brick operation is now in West Jordan.