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Anderson & Goff Mortuary

Oct 27, 2016 14h08 ● By Bryan Scott

Few industries cater to people in such vulnerable circumstances as does the mortuary industry.

Chad Anderson, owner of Goff Mortuary in Midvale, Anderson Funeral Home in Nephi and the recently-opened Anderson & Goff Mortuary in Draper, said he understands the importance of making sure that his customers are not pressured when making decisions regarding their loved ones last wishes.

“We are anti-upsale here,” Anderson said. “We do not — at all — use sales tactics that are based on emotion. Unfortunately, there are a lot of funeral homes that play on (emotion) and it gives (the industry) a bad name.”

“That is not what we are about,” he said.

Goff Mortuary opened in Midvale in 1915. Anderson’s three locations represent about 250 years of funeral service to residents of the Wasatch Front and Juab County.

That experience, combined with the current size of their business, provides an exceptional opportunity for Anderson & Goff customers.

“I would say that my pricing is very competitive,” Anderson said. “Compared to my competitors, I can save customers a minimum of $2,000 to $3,000.”

This is a fact that many of his customers are surprised at, but Anderson also said that most people know little about the mortuary business.

“It’s such an unknown industry because people don’t want to talk about death,” Anderson said. “When someone passes, families usually call a mortuary that is close or a mortuary they’ve heard of.”

Just like with any major purchase, it is important for customers to compare prices to find the ideal service at the ideal price. Anderson said educating his customers is a point of pride for his business.

Anderson’s business is large enough that he is more than willing to put his prices, products and service up against any of his competition, but is small enough to make the experience very personal.

“We’re the size where you are typically working with me, the owner,” Anderson said. “I make sure people are treated right.”

In Jan. 2011, Anderson purchased Goff Mortuary from Del Ballard. Ballard purchased Goff Mortuary from Gates Christensen, who purchased the mortuary from the Goff family in 1971. Anderson worked with Ballard at Goff Mortuary, starting in 2003.

Anderson is a fifth generation funeral director and embalmer. His family has been involved in the funeral industry since 1866.

In Aug. 2016, Anderson opened the newest addition to the Goff and Anderson family legacy in the funeral industry by opening Anderson & Goff Mortuary, located at 11859 South 700 East in Draper.

“If you do it right, (customers) remember what you did for them and they have you serve them again when there is a death in the family,” Anderson said.