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Sugar House Journal

Faces and Places

Jul 13, 2016 09h57 ● By Natalie Mollinet

Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

Sweetalys Gelato: If you have a craving for some delicious gelato, look no further than Sweetalys Gelato located on 1594 Stratford Ave. The shop is fun by an authentic Italian who knows his gelato like the back of his hand. Francesco Amendola is the owner and Sweetaly’s in Sugar House is his second location. Amendola is direct from Italy and moved to the United States and into Utah because he thinks Utah has a lot to offer and has a great economy. In Italy he owned a fresh fruit shop and uses this knowledge to make some sweet delicious gelato. He’s excited to be here in Sugar House and thinks it’s really a great area that’s full of diversity and culture, and there’s already a lot of people that understand what gelato is. So take walk over to Stratford and try some of Amedola’s delicious gelato, it’s guaranteed to please.

Erica Owens: “I’m going to be a fire fighter in the fall I hope, and I’m also playing for the RLS semi-pro women’s soccer team, that’s fun. But I love living in Sugar House, because it’s close to downtown, the mountains and anything else you want without feeling like a big city. It’s also pretty clean and a safe place.”

Mark Christensen: “Well I’ve lived in Sugar House almost all my life, and I love it. I love the business district of Sugar House, I love what they’ve done there’s a variety of stores and even though there’s a unique taste about it, everything they’ve done architecturally and the landscaping, it’s just made it really attractive they’ve really done it right. People take care of their homes for the most part it’s a place that is not dying and quite the contrary keeping its character that ties into the past but carrying it into a very modern society.” 

The Sugar House Monument: Situated right in the district center of Sugar House or as others call it “downtown Sugar House” is the Sugar House Monument. Since it was constructed in 1930, the tall monument was meant to enhance the experience of Sugar House and really is the center of the connection of the retail area of the community. There has been a lot of development over the years but the monument has kept its history, and commemorates the efforts to those who really gave Sugar House its name – the people in the beet sugar industry. Sugar House is full of history, you just need to keep your eyes open and you’ll see it.

Rachelle Doane, Christine Wood, Tammy Kilpatrick: “We’ve been doing seven miles a day in the park for 16 years, we built on it. First we walked to the park and then we just kept adding and adding. It’s convenient the location is awesome, it changes every season and there’s beauty in every season. Sugar House is a good location to get anywhere you need to be it’s a central location you’re close to downtown, and you have a view of Mount Olympus, the full grown trees and you meet good unique people.”