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Let’s Go Fly A Kite At Sugar House Park!

Jun 13, 2016 10h52 ● By Natalie Mollinet

Hundreds showed up at Sugar House Park to Fly a kite – Natalie Mollinet

Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

It may have been a very windy month of May, but for many it was the perfect weather to go fly a kite. One man from Herriman organized an event on Facebook that reached thousands of people, and hundreds responded by bringing their kites to Sugar House Park. 

“Well, I have always like kites,” Clint Savage, the event planner of “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” said, “I saw a friend post about it in another group I’m in, but hers was on a rainy day and not very far in advance.” 

The even that Savage planned almost looked like it wouldn’t happen, but Mother Nature answered the call and created a beautiful breeze. The temperature was cool, and families from all around came to fly their kites. 

Savage created the event not expecting many people to get on board, but little did he know, that many in the Salt Lake Valley and in Sugar House would answer the call to come. 

“The event got some attention somehow,” Savage said, “Then people kept sharing it (on Facebook) and soon enough we have almost 700 people going.” 

Families and friends on Facebook messaged each other to come to Sugar House Park to fly kites, and hundreds of kites filled the cloudy sky. One kite flyer Megan Grappendorf was meeting up with family after her sister sent her the invite on Facebook. 

“My sister sent me a Facebook message and said ‘hey lets go fly a kite’ so here we are waiting for our family to come,” Grappendorf said. 

Small kites, big kites and even a giant squid kite filled the skies. Savage said he was happy with the turn out, and was glad to see so many people out and about, and what better place to do it than Sugar House Park. 

“It seemed central and open,” Savage said, “I didn’t expect that many people would respond, maybe 50-100, but it clearly struck a chord.” 

Savage started a group of Facebook called Talkers and Walkers, to not only get other people out and about, but to get him off the couch. He said he’s not a fan of the gym, so going hiking and doing other outdoor activities is his way of being active. 

“If nobody were to show up, I’d still be there doing the activity,” Savage said about the kite activity. 

“We have other things going on but we decided to make this work,” Grappendorf said, “and the kids are loving it and some people have some really fun kites.”

Savage got lot of positive feedback from those who went to the event, some even suggested that next year he provide food trucks and possibly someone that could sell kites on site. He was just glad that everything worked out well. 

“Sometimes this stuff works out well,” Savage said, “the place was packed with kites!” 

With the great turn out and feedback, Savage hopes to not only make this an annual event, but possibly a semi-annual. 

“I’ve found that kite flying seems to be a spring thing,” Savage said, “but that doesn’t mean it has to be.” 

Whatever the case may be, kite flyers and people who love being outdoors, had a lot of fun at the event. Kids were laughing, some in awe about how high their kite was going and parents taking pictures of their families. Even if there isn’t a kite event going on, what better way to enjoy these windy months than with a kite at Sugar House Park?  λ