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Sugar House Journal

Faces and Places May

Jun 13, 2016 10h44 ● By Natalie Mollinet

Westminster College – Natalie Mollinet

 Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

“I love living in Sugar House because it’s a safe neighborhood. I love that its peaceful but close to everything like the freeway, shopping and restaurants. The people are friendly and welcoming. I love being able to go for walks any time of the day or night, and being able to enjoy all the beautiful trees. I also love that it’s a neighborhood for any age, there are things available for everyone to do. It’s by far the best neighborhood I’ve ever lived in.” -Nathaly Marmolejo

“I had four dogs actually a month ago, and we gave the other one back to my daughter. But why three dogs? Because I’m a dog person, I love dogs and my daughter does dog rescue, so we’re always taking dogs in. I’m called a foster fail, I’m the kind of person that can’t get rid of the dog after I’ve agreed to foster them for a while, but they just end up staying at our house. These are my three Pomeranians but we’ve always had dogs.” -Jeanne Hayes

“Pros to living in Sugar House: It’s a house made of sugar. Need I say more? Two: No going to neighbors houses saying, ‘Sorry…. I’m out of sugar. Can I borrow a cup?’ Cons: Bad when it rains, and diabetes.” -Allan Jorgensen

Highland High School

If you grew up in Sugar House, you probably attended Highland High School and already know of the legacy of tradition it has carried on. After the Sugar House prison closed in 1951, Salt Lake City proposed to repurpose the land that would soon become Sugar House Park. 30 acres of that land were set aside for a new school, and in 1956, Highland High was born. It has been said that the colors for highland (black and white), were chosen because of the old prison, and originally the mascot was supposed to be a jailbird. One of those didn’t work out, and Highland is now the proud Highland rams, and the rams have dominated in rugby, AP testing and many other things. Highland has a proud tradition and is one of the only schools in Utah that still has a Pep Club, and still continues traditions like Freak East, the Highland fling, the highland cheer and of course Highland rugby. The school continues to be a tradition in itself to the Sugar House community, and citizens who have been in Sugar House long term or for a short while, usually have some kind of connection with the school. “Honor fame and glory to, all this and more we’ll give to you at Highland High!” 

Westminster College

Tucked in the tree covered streets of Sugar House, sits Westminster college at 1840 S 1300 E. The college has been around almost as long as the neighborhood has. Westminster was founded in 1875, but at the time was known as the Salt Lake Collegiate Institute, a school run by the Presbyterian Church. It was said that the school was built to convert Mormon’s to Presbyterianism. However, the school’s name was changed in 1902 to what we know now as Westminster College, and no longer tries to convert anyone to any religious group. 

With the college comes a variety of students, which really brings a diverse population to Sugar House. The school’s student population is always expanding, and the college has been very smart and careful about helping the growing population of students and the community work together. The school building is also a great fit in Sugar House, and is a beautiful addition to the community. The school is always expanding and recently in their athletics, has applied for a NCAA II Division membership, and is now working its way to a full membership in the NCAA. Westminster is full of talented students and great programs, and continues to be a great school in our community.