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Highland’s Point Guard Selected for All-Tournament Honor

May 05, 2016 16h17 ● By Natalie Mollinet

By Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

Sugar House - At the end of a great season for Highland High School, many of the basketball team members are looking back feeling proud of their season, despite the loss to Timpview in the 4A state tournament semifinals. For Highland, this was a double whammy since they had also lost to Timpview in football. But one of Highland’s seniors is looking forward to being a part of the 4A State All-Tournament Team. 

Brevin Elsholz was Highland’s starting point guard and was able to show off his skills during the state high school tournament, and will now be playing that position once again on the all-tournament team. The all-tournament team gathers the 4A schools’ best players who played well in the tournament. 

“I was chosen for the first-team all-tournament team,” Brevin said. “It’s a big honor to be associated with players like Gavin Baxter and Matt Lindsey, who both led their teams to the championship game.” 

Gavin Baxter plays for Timpview and was a key player in helping get his school to the playoffs in the state tournament. Matt Lindsey from Olympus helped his team win the tournament this year. 

“This is a pretty big honor for Highland,” Brevin’s mom Jeanine Elsholz said. “They only choose five players from all of the 16 teams to participate.” 

Brevin grew up in Grantsville and played tennis in his early years. It wasn’t until seventh grade that he decided to try basketball, and that’s when he started working to get better, because he wanted to be just as good as the other kids his age. 

“He knew that he would have to work hard to try and get the top of the basketball field,” Jeanine said. “Having started so late, he has kept his eye on that goal ever since.” 

Jeanine added that Brevin had to give up a lot of other activities and time with friends these past years to make up the time for the skill development and workouts to improve his speed and agility. 

“He dedicated six days a week to it, and worked so hard to be able to raise his game to this level,” she said.

Brevin has worked hard over the years, not only on the court but also in the gym getting in workouts and playing for the Amateur Athletic Division (AAD) during the summers. AAD is a multi-sports organization that is dedicated to developing amateur sports and fitness programs. 

When Brevin arrived at Highland his freshman year from Grantsville, he said he fit right in and immediately fell for Highland’s love of tradition and how much pride they take in it. 

Even though Brevin is honored to be a part of the all-tournament team, he feels like he couldn’t have made it this far without the help of his fellow players and coaches at Highland. 

“I’m honored by making the first-team all-tournament, and I appreciate all the support of my teammates,” he said. 

Along with the support from his teammates, he says his parents have always had his back to when it comes to playing basketball. In fact, his mom runs Highland basketball’s Facebook page. 

“Both of my parents are huge supports,” Brevin said. “They will support me in any decision I make. They are awesome!” 

“I am most proud of the discipline he has shown in striving to reach his goal,” Jeanine said. 

Brevin is actually an all-around athlete. In addition to playing for Highland’s basketball team, he also plays for their tennis team. He said his favorite subject is math and he really excels at it; with that skill he would like to major in business. 

After Highland he plans on serving an LDS mission and said he’d definitely like to play basketball if he has the opportunity. He has his eye on BYU, where one of his favorite players, Jimmer Fredette, played.