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Sugar House Journal

Spring Construction to Flush Away Sewer Issues

May 05, 2016 16h09 ● By Bryan Scott

By Travis Barton | [email protected]

Sugar House - Road construction not only symbolizes the arrival of spring and summer, but it also generally means inconvenience for drivers as the rehabilitation of the Highland Drive sewer line is set to start this spring between 2100 South and Stringham Avenue.

The existing sewer pipe was originally installed in 1916, and Derek Velarde, project manager, said the 15-inch clay sewer that services the Sugar House area is in need of some repairs. 

“The condition of the existing sewer is such that an emergency repair project was required last summer, and this is the follow-up to rehabilitate the remainder of the pipe,” Velarde said. 

This project will extend the life of the sewer line, which will improve the system and service. 

“The project is necessary to maintain reliable sanitary sewer service to the Sugar House area,” Velarde said. 

Velarde said the construction itself will take two weeks from start to finish. 

The project will be using trenchless technology, which is meant to lower the impact on the community. Instead of trenches, the construction crews will be accessing the sewer line via sewer manholes by installing a liner inside the pipes. 

With the access only being done through manholes, traffic will be restricted adjacent to the working areas, but the construction will not require full road closures. 

If there will be service interruption, residents will be notified in advance, and any interruptions should be brief. The project is intended as a preventative measure to protect public safety; if it isn’t done, local residents could expect failures and service interruption.  

Velarde said the project was being bid on by contractors and could take up to four weeks to be awarded. 

He also said the scheduling will be up to the contractor, but he anticipates the project will run according to schedule. 

“It’s anticipated the project will be completed between June 6 through the 20th,” Velarde said. 

If the contracting takes longer than anticipated, Velarde said the project could be delayed to accommodate planned events for July 4. In that case, the expected start date would not begin until after the Independence Day festivities.  

“The SLCPU [Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities] will provide notice of the project and schedule to the community council and chamber of commerce as soon as the contractor provides a schedule,” Velarde said. 

Velarde said businesses along the road won’t have to worry about access to their areas being closed either. 

“It will include traffic control necessary for bypass and manhole access that will limit left turns but will reduce traffic flow to one lane each direction,” Velarde said. 

Business managers along Highland Drive said they don’t anticipate that the construction will affect their business, but they say it may affect the parking, which is already considered a difficulty in such a highly condensed area.

Property owners and all who work or reside in the area are to be notified several weeks prior to construction commencing. For more information, contact the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities.