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H&R Block

Apr 07, 2016 14h08 ● By Bryan Scott

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year—tax season.  Most of us groan inwardly and possibly become very, very sleepy as we procrastinate even thinking about tax returns. Some find ambition in their bloodstream and attempt to stumble through the complicated forms and publications on their own. And then there are the rest of us. Taxes are confusing, but choosing a professional tax service doesn’t have to be.  H&R Block is here to help.

H&R Block is the world’s largest tax services provider, having prepared more than 650 million tax returns since 1955. There are approximately 12,000 company-owned and franchise retail locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories, and on U.S. military bases around the world. An H&R Block branded retail office is located within five miles of most Americans.

Even with its large network, H&R Block hasn’t forgotten its Main Street roots. Brothers Henry W. Bloch and Richard A. Bloch founded the company in 1955 based on a culture of providing superior client service and a pledge to stand behind their work. As it’s grown from a hometown company to a the leading consumer tax company, bringing tax and related solutions to clients year round. H&R Block still strives to uphold that original philosophy. Today, H&R Block continues to honor their past as they look at your life through tax, and find ways to help.

Tax starts with income, but it’s ultimately about outcome. H&R’s newly expanded service offering, called Block Advisors, is in the outcome-optimizing business. This means the advisors not only work to reduce their clients’ tax liability this year, but also develop tactics for next year, while being available to advise and answer questions all year long. 

Tax planning is what sets Block Advisors apart. Instead of simply preparing taxes, they prepare taxpayers. That is exactly what they mean when they say “customized solutions” and “strategies that go beyond the return.”  They work hard to understand your life, and set a customized course to achieve your best financial outcome. With a one-on-one relationship with a dedicated advisor from year to year, you can know that they comprehend your financial goals and your priorities and have your best interest in mind. 

Everyone must do their taxes, and H&R Block provides that much needed service. Not only that, they have the expertise and history behind them in order to get maximum refund results.  Visit or call 800-HRBLOCK to learn more. You can also drop by one of the following Block Advisor locations to see what they can do for you:  3438 East 9400 South, Salt Lake City; 645 East 400 South, Salt Lake City; 3865 Wasatch Boulevard, Salt Lake City.