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Toys “R” Us Is Toys No More

Mar 10, 2016 10h17 ● By Bryan Scott

By: Natalie Mollinet | [email protected]

Sugar House - Toys “R” Us has closed its doors and emptied out after years in the Sugar House area. 

Many rumors have been flying around that the Marriott bought them out, but according to the Sugar House Community Council, there are no set plans to have a hotel be built where Toys “R” Us was located. 

“The Dee’s Corporation, the same [company] that owns all the rest of the buildings in that area, are looking for a new tenant for that building,” Judi Short, vice chair member of the Sugar House Community Council, said.

The company did not originally own the Toys “R” Us building but recently was able to acquire the building and will be doing a redevelopment of what is considered “Shopko block.” 

“As I understand, they will be looking for a tenant for now. Their future plans say a hotel will go there, but that part is so far up the redevelopment chain that it could change. I have no idea on their time frame either. I doubt it is imminent,” Amy Barry, the chair of the Sugar House Community Council, said.

Many Sugar House residents were unaware of Toys “R” Us closing and were shocked when they heard the news. The Toys “R” Us has been a big part of the community since it was one of the only locations left in the Salt Lake Valley. 

“When I was 11 years old, my friend and I bought light sabers. The cashier gave us free batteries and announced on the loudspeaker that we were about to duel on the countertops. Lots of memories at that Toys “R” Us,” Josh Bello, a longtime Sugar House resident, said.