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Sugar House Journal

Librarian Creates Love of Reading through Super Summer Challenge

Sep 18, 2015 22h49 ● By Rhett Wilkinson

Sprague Librarian Lisa Grant saw a legion of parents excitedly thanking her for helping their children gain a love for books and the library through the Super Summer Challenge. Photo courtesy Salt Lake City Public Library

By Rhett Wilkinson

The Sprague librarian had the attention of a legion, and she was happy about it.

It was a legion of parents. Many of their children came home to tell them about their favorite books and even how much they love the library.

Grateful, the parents excitedly approached Lisa Grant to thank her for installing the newfound loves into the children through the Salt Lake City Public Library’s Super Summer Challenge, a reading program, held May 30-Aug. 22.

“It was wonderful to watch kids grow into readers,” Grant said. “You want them to love books and grow into literate adults. That’s why I love what we do, to help with a literate population. You want to be a part of it.”

For Grant to do it the magnitude that she did, she and the committee had to start planning the program in February, four, five and six months before it would happen. When it did, Sugar House’s children were enriched by a magician and mad scientist, caught zoomania and learned ballet technique. Favorite books mentioned included “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” and works by Brandon Mull.

The champion of words said it was difficult to give a one-word answer for why she enjoyed the program.

“It’s just a blast to get kids to read, to be part of literacy and lifelong learning,” she said, adding later, “Libraries are vibrant, welcoming places."