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Sprague Library breaks into summer reading program

Thursday, June 21, 2012467 views

The summer break is an exciting time for youth. But it doesn’t need to be a break from reading. This year the Sprague Library is hosting a summer reading program called “Dream Big -- Read!”

Adults and youth of all ages can sign up for the summer reading program at Sprague Library. There are four programs based on age: an early literacy program for toddlers, a children’s program for elementary-aged kids, a teen program, and an adult program for those over 18.

“We have great events for everyone,” Children’s Librarian Lisa Grant said.

The official kick-off to the summer reading program began June 9. Zoo Mania came to introduce children to animals from across the globe.

During the school year, she visits schools and connects the animals with the curriculum. “In the summer we do libraries for fun,” Zoo Mania owner Karen Beverley said. “When we go to schools they can’t touch the animals. It’s a state policy. At libraries they can, so it’s fun because the kids get to connect. Some kids learn by touch.”

Each year Beverley likes to find new ways to introduce the children to animals. She set up several stations in the library. Each of the stations represented an animal and included a picture of the country it was from.

There were animal pelts, a shark jaw, and starfish for the young participants to touch. Beverley, her husband, Stephen Beverley, and assistants brought out live animals for the children to see.

A bearded dragon, plated lizard and a ferret were a few of the animals the children had the chance to interact with.

Beverley instructed them to touch the animals with one finger and not startlem. The excited children went from station to station, full of questions. Little eyes lit up as they realized that this was a hands-on experience.

“It’s wonderful chaos,” Grant said.

Approximately 100 people showed up at the event. Afterwards, the children and adults were invited to sign up for the summer reading program.

When youth sign up, they receive a free book of their choice. Depending on age, they either receive a passport booklet or one shaped like a bookmark, each with spaces to fill in reading minutes.

Once the papers are filled in, they can be brought back to Sprague Library and redeemed for prizes. The reading program will end Aug. 11, but the booklets can be turned in as soon as they are completed.

“We are offering fun incentives,” Grant said. In addition to the booklets, the library is hosting several events over the summer. This includes magic shows, youth events every Monday, story times, dancing, puppet shows and many other interactive events.

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