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Boulder Ventures updates empty Granite Furniture building in Sugar House

Thursday, May 17, 20123135 views

Boulder Ventures Development has purchased the abandoned Granite Furniture Building (1050 East 2100 South) and is planning to remodel it.

The new development will be called 2100 Sugarhouse. The bottom floor will be a restaurant while the second and third floors of the structure will be available for retailers and office space.

“We are in negotiations with clients. The first tenant is looking forward to occupancy,” said Dustin Holt, Boulder Ventures spokesman.

The basement of the building will have showers and areas for residents to leave their bikes. This way, people bicycling in the neighborhood can leave their bikes in a secure area and shower before heading off to work.

“Everyone knows that Sugar House is a great community, great location, and a great demographic for business,” Holt said.

Boulder Ventures purchased the property after it was foreclosed on in October 2011. The developers did an extrinsic demolition, which involved evaluating the structure’s stability and overall condition.

When construction crews removed the surface that had been put up in the 70s, it revealed brick underneath the façade. Boulder Ventures board members decided to restore the corner building instead of tearing the whole structure down, according to Holt.

Although the site isn’t registered as a historical landmark, many residents expressed their excitement over keeping the building as close to the original structure as possible.

“I think it’s exciting that they’re using a great amount of the 1910 building,” Sugar House Community Councilmember Laurie Bray said.

While it housed Granite Furniture, the building was added onto throughout the years. These additions didn’t always integrate seamlessly.

"[The old building] was a fire trap.  It was confusing. There were a lot of exits and entrances,” Sugar House Community Councilmember Grace Sperry said. “It would be nice to keep the historic ambiance but more important to remodel correctly so as to appeal to strong, long-term anchor tenants who can pay good, market rents and bring the buying public back to Sugar House.”

Construction is expected to be completed by January 2013.

“I think it’s going to be a wonderful development,” Bray said.

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